Inversion Therapy

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One great way to treat back pain is by using an inversion table. An inversion table reverses the pressure that gravity puts on your spine. However, you can counteract this pain by utilizing an inversion table. Many people are such fans of the therapy that they purchase inversion tables for their own homes. Since so many people are finding relief from their back pain, inversion therapy is becoming a standard part of doctors' treatment recommendations. This article is going to take a closer look at some of the most common exercises you can do with an inversion table and discuss how those exercises can help with your pain. Remember to speak with your doctor before starting inversion therapy, as it may not be recommended for your situation. For example, inversion therapy is not recommended for people with heart problems or glaucoma.


A good starting stretch is around 15 degrees. This will give your body a mild warm-up stretch. To start, stay in this stretch for no more than two minutes. Feel free to do frequent bouts of two minute sessions. You can get your body accustomed to inversion therapy by using this technique. It is not uncommon for people to experience apprehension before strapping themselves to an inversion table for the first time. For this reason, you should do only mild inclines until you become more comfortable. Check this inversion therapy info for more information.


A more advanced inversion exercise begins at 60 degrees. This is where you start to remove the pressure from your spinal area. At first this can feel a little uncomfortable, but your body will soon adjust. This is another exercise that you need to do before going to a full inversion. You may also want to do some other light stretches at this time as well.


After you feel comfortable with the previous two techniques, you can start trying a full inversion. Without a proper warm-up, you can cause yourself more spinal pain and damage. Within a short time, you will soon feel so good while in a full inversion that you can incorporate some other exercises into your routine. Core strengthening exercises are also essential in relieving chronic back pain.


Even before science had proven its effectiveness, people have intuitively known that inversion therapy can relieve their back pain. Gravity causes so much pressure on your body that it even causes you to shrink almost an inch everyday. Thankfully, you regain that inch at night when your spine is able to decompress. Everyday, that pressure on your spine worsens your pain and your back injury. But fortunately, you can get substantial relief by using best inversion tables at home. Due to the effectiveness of inversion therapy, so many people are free from back pain for the first time in years.